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Here's some links I've found useful or interesting. Happy surfing! :)
Songwriting Links
U.S Copyright Office

 U.S. Performing Rights Organizations (PRO's):
ASCAP- The American Society of Authors, Compsers and Publishers
- Broadcast Music International

Songwriting Associations:
Nashville Songwriters Association International
Songwriters Guild of America

Songwriting Forums: I've learned a lot through the great people in some of these forums. Most of them have a mix of pro and amateur members and are great resources to learn or improve your songwriting skills or to help others.
Just Plain Folks (JPF)
Muse's Muse
Songwriter 101
The Songwriters Forum

Mp3 Hosting sites:

The Charts:
American Country Countdown
Web Building Links

My Web Host:
Host Gator

Website Creation Resources:
Komposer/NVU - Free web authoring software
The Site Wizard - Tutorials and resources
CSS Play - Tutorials and resources for Cascading Style Sheets
Other Links

I'm a Boston Bruins fan:
Boston Bruins

Half of the proceeds from the sales of my songs on the Music page goes to:
Love Hope Strength